Reliable Cork Solutions, LLC

Helping wineries and vineyards preserve their wines

Reliable Corks Solutions cork supplier is located in the heart of wine country in Napa California.  This exceptional supplier of wine corks has been dedicated to the art and science of producing the highest quality natural cork since 1982. Our supplier is proud to be a founding member of the Cork Quality Council (CQC) which was established in 1993 with the goal of continuing to increase quality standards and awareness of the benefits of natural cork. In 1999 our supplier co-sponsored TCA research that was conducted jointly by the CQC and ETS Laboratories to establish a non-subjective cork testing methodology using GC/MS. RCS’s cork supplier continues as an active member of the CQC today.

Our supplier supplies the most prestigious wine estates in the North American wine market. In fact, for the past 5 years, 2/3 of wines receiving 98 points or higher by world-renowned critic Robert Parker were using our suppliers stoppers. So, join the club.

Our Clients rely on us to not only provide the highest quality natural cork but also best in class customer service. We are constantly striving to accommodate bottling schedules, intricate artwork for branding, and expedited turnaround.

– Innovation is and has always been a critical element of our success. In 1999 a multi-million investment was made to build a new raw material processing facility in the south of Portugal. This new facility was equipped with innovations never before seen or utilized in cork production. In 2002 a second facility was constructed and further technologies introduced which combined have helped us achieve a 96% reduction in TCA values since.