Natural Grade Corks, Technical Corks (1+1), and no_TCA Cork Products. RCS also provides Champagne Stoppers, bartops and Large Format Stoppers.

Reliable Cork Solutions produces various sizes of cylindrical and conical wine corks. These include those with the most common dimensions (49x24mm, 45x24mm, 38x24mm, 44x23mm), as well as others that can be made to order



The larger and/or progressive wineries are moving towards our no_TCA product for the growing necessity for consistency, control and confidence that every cork will deliver their bottled wine in the way the winemaker intended. There are three grades of the no_TCA plus a 4th as a basic cork for early drinking wines.  All of the first three grades guarantee the elimination of any detectable TCA (cork taint).  The no_TCA is made up of small cork granules.  Different size cork granules of raw cork are used depending on the aging potential of your wines.  CO2 is used at a precise temperature and pressure, which is forced into/through the cork granules to remove TCA and another 150 undesirable aromatic compounds that affects the integrity of the wine.  All of the no_TCA corks are made up of a minimum of 75 percent cork.  The other important feature is the controlled transfer of oxygen.  The three grades of the no_TCA have different transfer rates and it is up to the winemaker to decide how long the wine will be in the bottle before opening.  This controlled transfer (permeability) of oxygen allows every bottle to taste the same.  For early drinking wines RCS provides a no_M stopper.  It is similar to the no_TCA without the no TCA guarantee.  Basically, early drinking or high volume wines.

Your decision on which type of wine stopper to select for your wines should be based on some of the decisions listed below:

  1. The length of time a wine is to be in the bottle before consumption
  2. The value of the wine
  3. The look one desires in a wine cork
  4. Type of corker and/or bottling machine and
  5. Your budget
  6. A Winemaker should consider that the only thing protecting your wine is the wine cork!   The bottle is non-reactive

Our Products


RCS is very fortunate to partner with a supplier who is arguably the largest supplier of wine corks and they even have their own cork forest. ​​ The quality control is amazing.  Our supplier has factories in Portugal as well as a major office and production facility in Napa, California.


Extra Grade 54x24

Extra Grade 38x24

Extra Grade 45x24

Extra Grade 49x24

Extra Grade 54x24

Flor Grade 45x24

Flor Grade 49x24

Flor Grade 49x24

Flor Grade 54x24

Super Grade 38x24

Super Grade 45x24

Super Grade 49x24

First Grade 38x24

First Grade 45x24

First Grade 49x24

NDT A Grade 44x24

NDT B Grade 44x24

Micro Aglo Cork 38x24

Micro Aglo Cork 45x24

Champagne A Wine Stoppers 47x30

Champagne AA Wine Stoppers 47x30

Champagne AAA Wine Stoppers 47x30

Champagne Agglo Wine Stoppers 47x30


RCS warehouses and sells lead free European wine bottles.  All of our glass bottles are lead free European glass of high quality, extensive quality control and most have the traditional punt which most wine drinkers and winemakers prefer..

2 Liter Chianti with Straw

750 ml Bordeaux with Punted Bottom

1 Liter Chianti with Straw

1.5 Liter Chianti with Straw

750 ml Burgundy with Punted Bottom

1.5 Liter Bordeaux

750 ml Hock with Punted Bottom

375 ml Bordeaux

375 ml Hock

750 ml Bellisamo