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Why use Cork?
Natural cork is impermeable, elastic, odorless and does not affect the taste of the liquid in the bottle. For these reasons, it is considered an excellent seal.  It is also resistant to deterioration through aging or chemical activity, and is bio-degradable or recyclable after use.  Cork production is an agricultural activity with a long tradition, but at the same time it has developed to become a modern, industrial process.

Cork is an organic material which comes from the bark of the cork oak tree, known scientifically as �Quercus Suber�. Cork oaks grow naturally in the Iberian Peninsula, and you can still find spontaneous cork oak growth in large areas of Portugal and Spain.  Farming cork sustains local economies and traditional practices.
World Wildlife Foundation: Cork production is a sustainable practice recommended by the World Wildlife Foundation. 
Our supplier is committed to sustainable, long term forest growth and harvesting every nine years after the trees reach maturity.
Helping wineries and vineyards preserve their wines
The Portuguese Cork Association (APCOR) Their realcork web site has news and rich information about the value of cork for wine and the environment.
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