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Reliable Cork Solutions, LLC
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Natural Grades and Colmated Cork Products
Reliable Cork Solutions produces various sizes of cylindrical and conical corks. These include those with the most common dimensions (49x24mm, 45x24mm, 38x24mm, 44x23mm), as well as others that can be made to order
Click Here for: Comparison of NDT (Natural Disk Top), Fully Agglomerated and Colmated Wine Corks
Helping wineries and vineyards preserve their wines
Your decision on which type of wine stopper to select is based on:
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The length of time a wine is to be in the bottle before consumption,
The value of the wine,
The look one desires in a wine cork,
Type of corker and/or bottling line/machine and
Your budget
Reliable Cork Solutions introduces Slimcork®: the ultimate wine cork closure.  Slimcork® was created by marrying the unique and unquestionable natural cork characteristics for protecting wines with a proprietary process and technology to improve the performance, strength and appearance of a natural wine cork. Slimcork® is an all-natural cork product, but with a consistent homogenous appearance, and a uniform surface that improves the sealing properties of Slimcork® by mechanically filling the naturally occurring pores and holes with a natural cork resin composite